Mentorship Program

The 6 month mentoring program represents an opportunity for the young business professional to partner with a business leader through the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii with the specific goal to receive feedback and guidance to help in achieving professional goals.

What is required to be involved in the program?

As the mentee, you are responsible for determining what you are hoping to learn from the mentoring period.  You will need to submit a mentorship application and resume for the program.   We ask that all YPs be thorough with their responses as the mentors will be viewing your application prior to being paired.

Please download a copy of the YP Mentorship Application (remove link) and submit to Matt Spencer at   Our YP Steering Committee and members of the Chamber staff will review your application for a possible mentor.  Initial meetings at Chamber or YP events will be set up for the YP and mentor to determine if this partnership is a good “fit” prior to starting the mentorship sessions.

It is important that when you apply for a mentor that you have determined what your primary goal is, and to properly convey this information in your submission. The role of the mentor will be to act as a sounding board, and to provide feedback and guidance for the mentees.

Meetings will be held with the mentor once or twice a month.  It is the job of the mentee to schedule times with the mentor.  The mentor and mentee will jointly agree on the frequency of meetings, and the medium of communication to be utilized.

How are the Mentor relationships decided?

If you are interested in having a mentor, provide a submission which includes your application and updated resume.  Based on your application and the mentors available, our mentorship committee will place you with the appropriate mentor.  Due to limited availability, not all submissions may be granted a mentor.

Please select one of the following ways to make your submission.

Email to
Mail or drop off to:
Chamber of Commerce Hawaii
Attn:  Young Professionals Program
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 2105
Honolulu, HI  96813