Membership Benefits


As with any organization, membership has its privileges, and it’s no different with our Young Professionals Program.  As a member of the program, you become a part of a network of upwardly mobile progressive young professionals.



What is in it for you?

  • Create and cultivate our future leaders through the mentorship and guidance of established business leaders in Hawaii
  • Create networking opportunities with other business professionals
  • Provide opportunities for educational and professional development
  • Build awareness of governmental process and issues
  • Provide understanding of the community
  • Foster economic development in Hawaii


Program Benefits

As the Young Professionals Program continues to grow, we are constantly working to create rewarding programs and activities for our members.  Some of our activities include:

  • Complimentary access to our mentorship program that brings together leaders from the business community to guide our young professionals in their professional development.
  • Complimentary access to our informational podcasts that discuss various topics designed to aid the young professional in career development.
  • Complimentary admission to our “Exec Connect” seminars that give our young professionals an opportunity to meet with The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii’s Board of Directors and other business leaders in the state.  The Chamber’s Board of Directors is group of successful business leaders made up of small, medium, and large businesses.  They represent a wide range of industries including education, health, retail, tourism, technology, human resources, and finance.  Our Exec Connect discussions allow our YPs an opportunity to sit with local business leaders and discuss the direction our State and how they see business in the future.
  • Discounted rates for our monthly mixers and team builder events to allow our membership networking opportunities with other young professionals in the state.