Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

The Young Professionals program is operated and facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is Hawaii’s premier authority on business in the Islands.

The Chamber works on behalf of members and the entire business community to improve the state’s economic climate and help businesses thrive. The Chamber offers business networking opportunities, provides training and business building opportunities, lobbies government and advocates on behalf of business interests, and functions as the voice of business throughout the state.

Today the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is an organization representing the interest of all Hawaii’s business community. With over 1,100 member companies representing over 200,000 employees, the Chamber is the largest organization to serve as “The Voice of Business” in Hawaii   Our Membership: Our membership reflects the diversity of our state as a whole – from the size to the sector of business. We represent the interests of small, medium and large businesses, for profit and non-profit businesses and sole proprietors. More than 75 percent of our members are small businesses, a reflection of Hawaii’s main business population. All share a common vision to continue to find ways to help Hawaii’s business community sustain, grow and expand.

Principal Function: The Chamber serves as ‘The Voice of Business’ at the Hawaii State Legislature and the county councils, and also as a liaison between the civilian and military communities in Hawaii. The Chamber’s principle functions include advocating on behalf of business interests and the business community; offering training and seminars key to helping businesses grow; providing networking and marketing opportunities; a connection to Hawaii’s military and the latest on issues and trends affecting Hawaii’s business community.

Government: The Chamber’s mission is to improve the state’s economy and business climate so that businesses in Hawaii can thrive and expand.  The Chamber has played a key role in the state’s growth and development through advocacy, research and reform strategies.  As a member-driven, member-supported organization, the Chamber brings together diverse interests to foster positive action on issues of common concern to the business community. The Chamber committees and councils focus on the issues of excessive government regulation, taxation, education, tourism, mandated health care, workers’ compensation, and tort reform.

Small Business: The Chamber is the largest, small business advocacy arm.  The Chamber’s Business Advocate and Small Business Committee are devoted to the special needs and challenges of small businesses in the state and have a number of small business initiatives to work on creating opportunities for the small business community.

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii works on behalf of its members and the entire business community to improve the state’s economic climate and help businesses thrive. The Chamber is the leading center for business and now 160 years old, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii remains The Voice of Business in Hawaii.

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