Committee Information


The Young Professionals Program is organized and run by young professionals that volunteers on our committees. Each committee comprises of young professionals that help to operate the program and to obtain feedback from the participants.

The Steering Committee:

Designed to be the strategic committee for the program. Chairs of the other committees will be participants of the Steering Committee as well as the Chair, Vice Chair and Vice Chair of Finance of the Young Professionals. Additionally, this group is the bridge between the young professionals group with The Chamber (i.e. events, business advocacy, etc.).

Events Committee:

Focuses on the development and execution of the social events and volunteer programs for the YP Program.

Professional Development Class Committee:

Organizes the Professional Development Class monthly and reaches out to prospective speakers.

Exec Connect Committee:

Plans the monthly members only executive luncheon, fosters relationships with the executives and encourage them to support the program.

Membership Committee:

Decides the activities for the YP Program that translate into both recruiting and membership retention for the program.

Communications Committee:

Handles internal messages for the events as well as external publicity for the program.


For additional information on our committees or to inquire about joining our committees, please contact 380-2611.