Member Spotlight – Kimberly Canepa

Our Member Spotlight on Kim Canepa, Special Project Assistant at The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.  Kim works tirelessly in our Business Advocacy department in organizing committees and preparing information for the Legislative session.

Please tell us about your current position and company.

I am currently the working in the Business Advocacy and Government Affairs Department at The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii as the Special Projects Assistant.  The Business Advocacy and Government Affairs Department reviews, monitors, and tracks numerous bills throughout the legislative session and actively advocates on behalf the of business community of Hawaii all year long.  I organize the Chamber Policy Committees, Business Advocacy Events, and more.

Please tell us a little about your professional history (i.e. college, past work experience, etc.).

I studied communications and advertising at San Jose State University prior to transferring back home to the University of Hawaii- Manoa.  I received my bachelors in Business Administration from the Shidler College of Business.   In my last semester at UH-Manoa I worked as an intern at The Chamber in the Business Advocacy Department where I quickly learned the complexities of law making process and the Legislature.

How did you decide on your current career path?

I surprisingly fell into my current career path.  The Chamber hired me upon my graduation from UH-Manoa as a Special Projects Assistant in the Business Advocacy Department.  I’ve always been interested in government affairs and politics and seeing the law process first hand has been and continues to be a great experience.  I am enjoying the fast-paced world in the government affairs arena and hope to continue in this field.

What is the biggest obstacle you overcame in your professional career?

By far, the biggest obstacle that I overcame in my professional career would have to be the transition between a full-time college student to a full-time professional.   After numerous years of solely focusing on classes and homework the transition into office life required some adjustment.

What other profession, other than what you currently do, would you like to try?

In another life I would loved to have been a teacher.  I was blessed with great teachers throughout my life and having the opportunity to inspire just one person would be an outstanding accomplishment.

After a hard day at work, what do you do to unwind?

After a hard day at work I usually like to unwind with friends and family by going out and relaxing with good company and great food.

Tell us something funny/interesting about you that no would know or expect?

I am a cheerleading coach for the Kalani Falcons Pop Warner cheer team.  My team has competed at the state and national level receiving numerous awards and titles.

What is the last song you listened to on your iPod?

The last song that I listened to on my iPhone was “You Da One” by Rihanna.

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

I would love to have lunch with Audrey Hepburn because of her glamour and inspiring life of humanitarianism.

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